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Rifle out Dillon Blinds Fiberglass Blind Hunting deer in Iowa

The Dillon Manufacturing journey began in 1988 when Janice Loden founded Express Products in Dallas, TX. Exclusively specializing in wholesale aftermarket vehicle parts, graphics, and accessories for the first decade, EP became Dillon Manufacturing with the purchase of Stan Co. in 1999.

Setting up Dillon Blinds in Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky

In 2001, we added cell tower covers to our production line while also beginning a passion project of making fiberglass hunting blinds for family and friends. To further pursue fiberglass fabrication, Dillon Manufacturing sold our wholesale parts division in 2002. This allowed us to shift focus to production on fiberglass car parts, boat hulls, trailer parts, and the full production of our fiberglass blinds.


Once full production of our fiberglass hunting blinds was underway, we focused on making improvements and producing different blinds styles to fulfill our customers’ needs. Simultaneously, we expanded our range of fiberglass products to include medical equipment, rock-climbing walls components and race car bodies.

In 2016 our namesake and son of Janice, Dillon Vaughn, came on board participating in the daily operations, sales, and design of hunting blinds. With Dillon taking over blind design, we began a new innovation period, which resulted in new framed flip-up windows with friction hinges, marine decking flooring, ventilation holes, and RV type doors (now with optional Bluetooth controlled locks) in all of our blinds. While production for our hunting blinds has become the primary focus, we continue manufacturing high-quality custom fiberglass parts.

What started as a passion project when we were producing for just family and friends has become the focus for Dillon Manufacturing. Our passion for hunting, combined with our experience, drives us to innovate and manufacture blinds to suit hunters'. When you purchase any of our hunting products, whether it's a blind, tower, or feeder, you know you bought a product for hunters built by hunters.

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