An announcement in the March issue of Lone Star Outdoor News shared new details erupting around the ongoing “Hog Conundrum” in Texas.

The article sites an announcement from Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller who announced a warfarin-based product had been approved for use on feral hogs in Texas, under state licensing.

According to the Lone Star News, not everyone jumped for joy at the news and the Texas Hog Hunters Association has gathered over 15,000 signatures opposing the idea.

From their petition page (here) the Texas HHA had this to say:

“For Texas to introduce a poison into the equation is a bad decision in our opinion and could likely contaminate humans who unknowingly process and eat feral hogs.We also believe this can open a whole new level of liability from the state and private landowners who utilize this product.”

“We have built an enourmous network of Hunters, Conservationists and Trappers who have shown dramatic numbers of catches and population control.”

“We certainly don’t want to be out hunting hogs and kill and consume a poisoned animal. Texas Hog Hunters Association and its partnering companies have ideas, techniques and experience in bringing the numbers down, help us be heard! Help our members be heard! If you’re not a member yet and you want your voice to be heard, sign up at Texashha.com.”

Other methods for controlling feral hogs include hog traps and feral hog hunts. Hog trapping is probably the most effective feral hog control technique available to most land managers.

Many Texans are split on their opinions about how to handle the feral hog problem. However, one thing everyone agrees on is the damage done by these hogs has wreaked havoc all across Texas for far too long.

Sources: Lone Star Outdoor News and Change.org 

Image: By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters (feral pigsUploaded by Dolovis) [CC BY 2.0 or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons