TPWD Hunting app for Texans on the google play store

My Texas Hunt Harvest for Android

New mobile app built specifically for Texas Hunters allows hunters to log and report their harvested game and keep track of favorite hunt locations in real-time. The new app, provided Free by the Texas Parks and Wildlife, makes it easy for hunters to keep track of harvest game, store hunt locations, and even check certain types of harvested game, like the eastern turkey.

The app is called ‘My Texas Hunt Harvest’ and it provides a great, comprehensive way for hunters to easily keep a record of their hunting seasons, successes and best hunting locations. The app allows one to view personal harvest history specified with dates and locations of every hunt and even check certain types of harvested game via their mobile phone.

Currently the app is available for Android users in the Google Play Store, but an iOS version is on the way for iPhone/iPad users. It’s important to note that the new app currently does not replace the need for paper tagging of deer and turkey where specifically stated. However, some feel this is only a matter of time. Long time huntsmen feel the use of technology to handle issues such as paper tagging is not far off in the near future. In the meantime, keep in mind the apps electronic reporting options do not fulfill tagging requirements for any game required to be tagged, or requirements for completion of the harvest log on the back of the license as it applies to white-tailed deer.

Eastern Turkey hunters really benefit from the new apps convenient features. Specifically, the app simplifies the strict mandatory reporting process. Per Texas hunting regulations, a hunter is required to report their harvested eastern turkey within 24 hours. Now, hunters can use the app to report their harvest (eastern turkey) without having to drive to a physical check station. Now that is convenient!

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Image: via the Google Play Store from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department App page