turkey hunting tips and blindsThe spring turkey hunting season is right around the corner and as such, it’s time to prepare. Today we will discuss some great turkey hunting resources to help prepare you for the season.

Spring is turkey breeding season so listen for male turkeys as they will be much more vocal directly after the time change happens. Due to the extra light hours in a day, turkeys are out and scouting the females later and later and they are not quiet about it either!  Loud gobbling in the spring announces a male turkey’s location to the females (hens), so listen up.

I’s important to note that turkey hunting seasons start at different times in different states, just as other hunting seasons do. Make sure you check within your local area first before heading out.

Just as important, make sure you have acquired the appropriate turkey hunting permit. The website, RealTree has some good information regarding turkey hunting and all the necessary requirements.

On the website, Realtree’s Turkey Hunting Nation the site goes in-depth with al sorts of recon for everything turkey-hunting-related. They provide state-by-state resources for regulations, season dates, license fees and applications. They also have special “turkey reporters” who have scouted the different states and assigned grades to each state based on the numbers of birds located there, the amount of public land available for hunting, hunting pressure in each and other factors.

Scouting during the weeks prior to opening day is crucial. This pre-scouting is done so that one can observe the turkey in it’s more relaxed state. As the season opens, the turkeys are on edge and so catching them before the anxiety hits is a great tactic to learning their natural behaviors and habits.

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